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Why Elepig


Our platform is built with our customers’ experience in mind. Simplicity will be the cornerstone of our platform development strategy to make it easy for our customers to trade - anytime, anywhere.

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We have a team of defence experts with a combined 80+ years of industry experience. We will build a robust and secure system encompassing a unique 10-layer security approach. This is our edge and will give you the peace of mind in the trading of cryptocurrencies.


We will build an inclusive ecosystem around our exchange by involving our community in the development and design of the system. The exchange will be designed by you, for you and with you in mind.


We will have a fee structure that incentivises regular users. If you use the Elepig token for transactions you will receive 50% reduced.


Elepig is brought to you by superstars that have worked at the following world leading companies: JP Morgan, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Gemalto, RBC, General Dynamics, NATs, Pensions Regulator + many more


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Release Whitepaper
Pre ICO Sale
Release Alpha
Release Beta
Full Release
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Multiple exchanges are already available in the cryptocurrency market. But the market is still evolving and there is room for new offerings that build on the strengths of existing tools and avoid their failings. The cryptocurrency market, and exchanges in particular, have not yet gone mainstream. This is still the age of the early adopter. Our whitepaper covers how we will make your investments simple and trusted. Alternatively, read our one pager for an overview.

Token Sale

What is the Elepig Token?

The Elepig Token facilitates transactions on our exchange. It gives users a discount on the transaction fees between the cryptocurrencies on the Elepig exchange. The Elepig token can be bought and sold exclusively on the Elepig Exchange.



Total Sale Tokens

150 Million

Pre-ICO Token Hardcap

30 Million

Pre-ICO Bonus


Pre-ICO Starts

25 June 2018

Pre-ICO Ends

08 July 2018

Total ICO Sale Tokens

120 Million

ICO Sale
Round 1

Bonus : 30%

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million

Start Date : 9 July 2018

End Date : 29 July 2018

Round 2

Bonus : 20%

Token Hard Cap : 37.5 Million

Start Date : 30 July 2018

End Date : 19 August 2018

Round 3

Bonus : 10%

Token Hard Cap : 30 Million

Start Date : 20 August 2018

End Date : 9 September 2018

Round 4

Bonus : 5%

Token Hard Cap : 15 Million

Start Date : 10 September 2018

End Date : 30 September 2018

Token Distribution

50%: Community

20%: Team

2.5%: Affiliate Programme

17.5%: Contingency and Burn Programme

10%: Investors and Advisors

ICO Fund Usage

40%: Product Development

40%: Marketing and Customer Support

10%: Emergencies

10%: Legal

Meet the team

Carl Selby


Carl has many years experience providing digital consultancy within the financial and defence sectors, as well as starting and running a successful online business within the social care industry. His expertise is in security, stakeholder engagement, fintech and mobile applications.

Mark Williams


Mark has 20 years of digital transformation consultancy experience within the defence, security and intelligence and central government. His expertise is in marketing, UX, security and stakeholder engagement. Mark has successfully created several startups.

Anna Lumber


Anna is an experienced portfolio and programme manager within the defence and utilities sectors. Her expertise is in running multimillion pound Agile User Experience and Business Programmes to time, cost and quality. She has a degree in Politics and speaks fluent English and Russian.

Adam Gritz


Adam has been in the design and advertising industry now for over 20 years with hundreds of successful design and advertising campaigns. He has worked within multiple industries and with flair and imagination at the heart of his achievements.

Steve Panich


Steve has nearly 30 years experience in providing IT solutions and business development across multiple sectors within the UK and abroad. In particular his expertise lies in UX design, complex financial systems and building secure systems for leading defence companies.

Steve Apps

Head of Architecture

Steve has had more than 15 years experience providing secure data and solution architectures to the defence industry. He will be leading on making Elepig secure.

George Han

Board Advisor

George Han is global ICO advisor to many companies in the financial, education and medical fields. He is an ICO expert on ICObench and has advised numerous founders in their ICO campaigns. He has extensive experience in the tech startup scene in Singapore, having run the incubator for a top Singapore university, and has helped created over 90 tech startups in 6 years.

Vinod Dhall

Overseas Development Lead

Vinod has 15+ years of experience as a technology business consultant working in South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Middle East, India and the UK. His experience is in telecoms, finance, utilities and the auto industry.

Paul Carpenter

HR Advisor

Paul has over 25 years of experience within Human Resources working for companies Boeing, Qinetiq, Carillion, AWE and Dstl. His expertise lies in organisational design, cultural change and performance management.

Jackie Winitkun

PR and Events Advisor

Jackie owns and runs a successful PR and Events company hosting large festivals of culture across the UK. Jackie also brings 14 years experience working within software quality assurance in the financial industry.

Matt Windsor

FX and Fintech Advisor

Matt has 20 years of FinTech experience including 10 years in the algorithmic FX and Commodities markets in London. He developed retail products working with FX and Spreadbetting platforms and specialises in Business Architecture.

Ricardo Santos Silva

Fintech Advisor

Ricardo is an entrepreneur and investor in the financial, technology and mining sectors. He co-founded Aethel Partners, a global private equity, alternative asset management and financial services firm headquartered in London, and co-founded Dorae, the blockchain-enabled global supply chain accountability system. Ricardo received an economics degree from the University of Lisbon.

Aba Schubert

Fintech Advisor

Aba is an entrepreneur and investor in the financial, technology and mining sectors. She co-founded Aethel Partners, a global private equity, alternative asset management and financial services firm headquartered in London, and co-founded Dorae, the blockchain-enabled global supply chain accountability system. Aba received a math degree from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. Aba served as a teaching fellow at Harvard University.

The Elepig Team

The wider Elepig team consists of technical and business experts from within the Defence Sector, Financial Services, Utility Providers, Retail Software and Central Government. The overall team have in-depth knowledge of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Financial Markets, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Governance and Security.


The team is composed of IT Professionals: business owners, directors, entrepreneurs, analysts, project managers, marketing and social media leaders, front- and back-end developers plus solidity smart contract engineers.
Team members have decades’ combined experience working in technology for investment banks, hedge funds, liquidity and treasury providers, leading defence companies, air traffic control, engineering companies and high street retailers.
Investors quite rightly place value in companies with a working product. The Elepig Exchange is currently in development and we will have an Alpha release in August 2018 – importantly this is prior to the public ICO. This will be followed by four agile sprints to incorporate iterative improvements, with a richer Beta release in October 2018. The Beta will be given a test-run by our community and any feedback incorporated ready for a Full production release in December 2018. In the meantime we are developing a usable prototype user interface for the Pre- ICO; this will be front-end only and will be designed to demonstrate the interface design and user workflows in an interactive engaging way.
2017 saw some very successful ICOs yet many gave tenuous reasons given for the need to tokenise the business. Coins for dentists, dogs and cannabis. Tokens for videogames, firearms and rappers. All jumping on the crypto bandwagon and all leaving the lingering question of... why?! Elepig is different. Our company was set up because we are all technologists and we all have a passion for blockchain technology. We’ve watched things evolve over the last few years and we truly believe – despite the current market dips – that things have only just got started. The world still hasn’t fully woken up to the potential of blockchain and when it does it will change everything.
Whilst it is true that there are over one hundred live Exchanges, many of them offer a terrible user experience. We want to be two things: Trusted and Simple. We will use a unique technology stack and our experience as Defence contractors to build in security from the ground up. We will make it as easy to use as any leading social network or cab-booking service. Elepig Tokens can be used as a form of payment for transaction fees, offering 50% savings, forever.
Nothing comes entirely for free. Costs can be hidden in exchange rates, bid spreads, or by putting your assets at risk in order to earn returns behind-the-scenes. Some operate as a loss-leader in order to hammer you with other goods and services within their eco-systems. We prefer transparency. Providing a world class secure exchange naturally comes with a cost, as does all software. By us offering you a competitive rate, halved if you pay using Elepig tokens, you can be sure that you are getting a fair deal, an easy-to-use interface and world-leading security.

There are a number of ways you can be part of the Elepig community:

1.You can purchase EPG tokens and use them on our exchange for half price transaction fees;

2.Follow us on one of our many social media channels, comment and share so we know you are there and you can help us to build and grow the community;

3.Become more hands-on and join one of our affiliate programmes, helping us to make the eco-system better for the community; there is a good chance you will be rewarded for your efforts.